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Michael Toole 3rd Generation Owner

My name is Michael Toole and I am the third generation owner of Allegheny Installations. The company was started in 1925 by my Grandfather Walter, and was purchased in 1964 by my father, Bud. I subsequently took over the company from my Dad in 1997.

Over the years, we have worked hard to develop a reputation for exceptional quality, craftsmanship and dedication to our customers.

One of the things we are most proud of is our skilled mechanics. We have several experienced mechanics who have worked here for 20 + years. We have been blessed to have had other fathers and sons as part of our team, some of which have been with us longer than me.

In addition, we have lasting relationships with our suppliers, some of which date back to the very early days of Allegheny Installations. For example, we are one of Dex-O-Tex's oldest customers. Chuck Watt, the Owner of Dex-O-Tex once came to Pittsburgh on the train in the 1950's, to deliver their new innovation, "latex cement."

We also have a great support team in the office who work with our customers to answer questions, provide product samples, handle invoicing questions, and process bids quickly and accurately.

Lastly, we take care of our customers long after the work is complete. Because we are a local company, we are able to provide follow up care and handle any issues that you may have with your floors.

Most of our flooring systems have an extremely low life cycle cost, require little or no wax, and many will last the life of the building.

Michael Toole

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