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Firehouse floor Coating Solutions

Old concrete floors that are damaged and cracked are not only an unsightly eye-sore, but they also guarantee slab and foundation issues. With over 90 years of experience installing and updating a myriad of commercial flooring systems, no other company has the expertise you need to ensure your firehouse flooring solution is safe, reliable, and easy to clean. Consider that first responders exist day to day in a fast-paced environment surrounded by large equipment and gear— a slip and fall here compounds any disaster. A typical scenario includes a cracked, chipped, and well-worn concrete floor with bad drainage that can turn a small oil spill into a skating rink. Not the ideal scenario when each second counts. Your first responders need to be confident and secure in their movements. Let Allegheny Installations help you design a firehouse floor coating solution that is designed specifically for function and safety.

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Whether it is home to a firetruck, water buffalo, ambulance, or pump truck your firehouse floor is sure to collect its share of oil, grime, and mud. Our epoxy coatings are water-proof and slip resistant even in the worst conditions. A floor coating solution keeps your firehouse low maintenance and easy to clean. First responders manage a great deal of equipment and having a firehouse floor that is resistant to heavy duty cleaners and degreasers is essential. You and the community take a great deal of pride in your first responders and a custom logo is just one way we can help you display that pride. Contact us today to find out how Allegheny Installations can turn your firehouse floor into a solution that helps protect the people who protect us all.