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Surface Preparation

Here at Allegheny Installations we understand that the most important element to any successful flooring installation is surface preparation. Preparing the subfloor not only ensures maximum adhesion, but it also significantly enhances the life span of any floor as well.

If you are planning to install new flooring in an existing warehouse, school, gym, church, or hospital, or you are preparing a new residential, commercial, or industrial building project, it is important that you prepare the subfloor to ensure the maximum life of your new surface.

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Concrete Surface Preparation & Repair

Underlayment & Surface Preparation

Keeping your floor in optimum condition is crucial for both safety and a sense of pride. Aged concrete floors absorb all of the grime, oil, grease, and water they have come in contact with over the years which leads to unsafe working conditions. Cracks in your floor may also signal slab and foundation issues. Stained and chipped floors are simply unattractive and unsafe. Our experienced floor installers know how to treat these issues and why it is so pivotal to repair those deteriorating concrete surfaces. Let our team of skilled floor installers improve and repair your existing surface today. Don’t let time eat away your most valuable asset— the very floor you stand on. Contact us today for an estimate.

The first step to any successful floor installation always begins with surface preparation. With over 90 years of experience in the flooring industry, Allegheny Installations understands just how vital this first step is to ensuring a long-life for your new floor. Overlooking this all important initial process to save money only guarantees the floor will fail and need to be redone, costing you double over time.

Our expert installers resurface the old layer to ensure your new flooring system adheres completely to the existing floor. The process begins by grinding out and filling any cracks. We then use a machine to chip away the old contaminated layer leaving us with a fresh, flat surface that is optimal for providing maximum adhesion for the new flooring system. No oil, dirt, or grease will have a chance to undermine your new floor.

At Allegheny Installations, we complete each floor installation with the pride and expertise it deserves and we always begin with the subfloor. We understand subfloor surface preparation is the cornerstone of any new floor installation job as it establishes supreme adhesion and prevents future repair problems. Whether you are installing a new flooring system in an existing building or are preparing for a new commercial, residential, or industrial building project, surface preparation is vital for the long-life of your new flooring system. Contact us today to see how we can help you make certain that your new flooring system begins its life on the right foot, so that every step taken thereafter can be sure-footed as well.

Concrete Resurfacing With Industrial Grinder