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Waterproofing Systems

Waterproof flooring systems' properties include a slip resistant flooring surface as well as high water resistance, even completely water proof are integral to floors and surfaces such as; parking garages and mechanical equipment rooms or just a membrane under other floors such as ceramic tile.


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We offer numerous types of membranes that will solve different issues. These systems can also be used as secondary containment for chemical resistance as well as waterproofing. Waterproofing, crack suppression, and vapor mitigation are just a few of the membranes we will be happy to discuss with you when you contact us.

Moisture & Vapor Barriers

One of the largest issues in our industry today is failure of flooring systems due to moisture in the concrete. Water vapor can move through concrete and delaminate most types of floors. We offer a number of different solutions/systems with various levels of warranties that will eliminate your moisture issues.