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Food & Beverage Processing Flooring

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Food & Beverage FAcility Flooring

Having been in business for over 90 years, Allegheny Installations has the experience, expertise, and exceptional craftsmanship to get you the flooring system you need for any application. In addition to the strong relationships we have with suppliers, being a local business also allows us the opportunity to provide follow up care and maintenance. We are here to address any needs you may have. Many of our flooring systems have low VOC, low life cycle cost, require little or no wax, and many will last the life of the building. Give Allegheny Installations a call today and see how we can improve the life of your building, and the life of those who walk through it every day.

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Food & Beverage

Eco-Friendly Low VOC Sustainable FlooringCommercial Strength Durability For High Traffic Flooring Low Maintenance Easy Cleanup Flooring Slip Resitant FlooringStain Resistant Flooring

Food & Beverage Processing Facilites

Flooring that can withstand the combination of near all volitile conditions requires knowledge and expierence to create. Our epoxy & urethane industrial strengh floor coatings are designed to take the abuse. The customized flooring properties for food & beverage plants keeps your employees safe by using a slip resistant textured surface that is also waterproof and stain resistant. With the added ability to pitch the entire surface to slope to drain this makes Allegheny Installations an obvious choice for your commercial flooring installation.

Commercial Kitchen

Commercial Kitchen & Cafeteria Flooring

Our kitchen flooring systems are designed to be non-slip and durable, allowing you and your employees to freely create confectionary masterpieces, or safely prepare the deli and produce stock. Having a floor that is low maintenance and easy to clean is critical for the kind of high traffic kitchen flooring system you find in the food and beverage industries. Our sloped to drain and water-proof kitchen floors are the safe and functional solution you need. Allow our years of experience and expertise to help you design a kitchen flooring system that meets all the demands the food and beverage industry has.


Lavatory & Restroom Flooring

Any successful restaurateur will tell you about the importance of having a bathroom that is designed to impress and also be low maintenance. Our decorative and durable bathroom flooring solutions can handle high traffic while maintaining a distinct sheen and shine. We here at Allegheny Installations understand the extremes associated with flooring on a massive scale, and our bathroom flooring systems can be designed to fit any situation. Easy cleaning, durable, resistant to bacteria and mold bathroom flooring systems are just what you need. All of our bathroom room floors can be waterproofed and sloped to drain to ensure a safe place for employees and customers alike.

Dinning Room

Dining Room Flooring

Your customers undoubtedly spend most of their time in your dining area, so nowhere is it more important to have a flooring system that is both functional and decorative. This high traffic area demands a flooring system that is durable and low maintenance. Allegheny Installations has the expertise needed to bring new life to your dining area flooring system. Whether inside, outside, or both— our dining area flooring solutions will exceed your expectations. Working with a local company like ours also ensures your flooring systems receive the kind of care and repair only we can provide should any need arise.

Mechanical Room

Bacteria Resitant Floor Coatings Chemical Resistive Floor CoatingsLow Maintenance Easy Cleanup FlooringSlope To Drain Flooring SystemsWaterproof Floor Coatings

Machine & Mechanicals Flooring

Our durable, non-slip mechanical room flooring not only works to keep people safe, but they are also sustainable and easy to clean. Water-proof and sloped to drain, your new mechanical room floor is easy to maintain and will last for generations to come. We are proud to offer a variety of solutions that may include polished concrete, epoxy, quartz, and urethane. Being local also means we have quick access to any upkeep or repairs that you may need. We are always proud to serve beyond the sale.