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Epoxy Flake
Epoxy Flooring Flake Epoxy Finish

Epoxy Flake

Decorative Epoxy Flake flooring

The properties and potential for custom aesthetics make epoxy flooring an extreamly desirable choice for commercial flooring applications. Epoxy flake flooring shares the same general properties that both solid color and decorative quartz provide. The seamless nature of this product creates a non-pourous finish which is stain & chemical resistant allowing for cleaning to provide a sterile an anti-microbial surface. All epoxy flooring installations result in a seamless and non-pourous flooring surface.

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What is "Epoxy Flake Flooring?"

"Flake," refers to the type of aggregate used to create the look, color, and texture of the final flooring. Flake aggregate epoxy flooring is a more affordable alternative to terrazzo in that the variety of colors, patterns, and intricate designs with a more moderate price point. If you are looking for a seamless and easy to clean flooring solution that allows for unrestricted design options epoxy flake flooring may be your solution.