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AHN Wexford Hospital

February 26, 2024 • By AI Inc.

Allegheny Health Network, Pittsburgh PA

HKS Dallas, TX

General Contractor:
Gilbane/Massaro Corp. Wexford, PA

Wausau Tile Rothschild, WI
Sherwin Williams (General Polymers) Pittsburgh, PA

We completed a project this past summer for the newly built AHN Wexford Hospital. This hospital is a state-of-the-art built in for the residents in the North Hills area. It is a full-service hospital in the Allegheny Health Network. As one can imagine, having a hospital closer to home in an emergency situation can make all the difference.

Our work consists of two parts, the lobby floors are terrazzo and the kitchen is epoxy quartz flooring. both floors are a seamless surfaces that can be easily cleaned to help keep the hospital sterilized. The terrazzo portion of the project consists of 6630 square feet of a three-color pattern. All this work was within the lobby and the stairs. The seamless epoxy flooring portion of this project consisted of 2,500 square feet and 360 lineal feet and included a six-inch base. This portion of the project was installed in the kitchen area. The benefits of having a seamless resinous flooring, especially in a kitchen area, is the fact that it is sanitary, low maintenance and durable.

We were also required to install terrazzo stairs in the monumental staircase. We made a template. We then ordered the terrazzo stairs from Wausau Tile. There were thirty-three stairs, each stair tread was six foot long. Installing stairs has a variety of challenges. First, the process of making sure they are ordered based on the specifications provided and checked before they are in production which takes 6 to 8. As you can imagine, stairs are heavy and a complex installation. We also needed to install precast terrazzo panels that had to be adhered to the bench seating under the monumental staircase.

The finished product is very beautiful with excellent craftmanship which was finished on time and on budget.


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