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Flooring Portfolio

Bridgeport Recreation Center

February 27, 2024 • By AI Inc.

We were lucky enough to be involved in this project from the early stages with the general contractor, architects, and engineer. We were able to establish very early on what would be needed and necessary to make this a successful project for everyone. The issues we discussed for example were the levelness of the concrete, the additives, and the flatness. We discussed the necessity of saw cuts and were they needed to be.

The project consisted of 10,181 square feet. There was a stunning three-color pattern. We started the process using 40 grit to expose a beautiful small salt and pepper aggregate. We progressively changed to 400 grit polishing diamond pads to create an outstanding finished floor. We had a two-man crew spending over 600 hours.

In the end, we produced a finished floor that will last a very long time and it is green!

City of Bridgeport

Omni Associates-Architects, Inc.

General Contractor:
AM Higley