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Flooring Portfolio

Seneca Valley and Hampton Community Center

February 27, 2024 • By AI Inc.

Allegheny Installations was the selected flooring expert for the project involving 20,269 sqft of Terrazzo at the Seneca Valley Middle School. We collaborated closely with GEM Building Contractors, architects from DRAW Collective, and the construction management team at Eckles. Together, we recommended a stunning 3-color pattern Terrazzo flooring, meticulously crafted by Allegheny Installations. This choice aligned perfectly with the school's vision, offering an enduring surface capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic while injecting vibrant energy into the school's interiors.

The second project was the Hampton Community Center which aimed to revitalize its facilities to cater to the diverse recreational and social needs of the community. The challenge was to create a welcoming and adaptable space that encouraged community engagement.

For this project, Allegheny Installations worked alongside architects from DRAW Collective to rejuvenate the center. By thoughtfully selecting materials and designs, we transformed the space into one that offered a warm and inclusive atmosphere. This collaborative eort ensured that the renovated center embodied the essence of community togetherness. The renewed Hampton Community Center now stands as a testament to the power of thoughtful design and collaborative eorts. Covering 17,498 square feet of rejuvenated space, the center serves as a hub for community members of all ages, fostering connection and providing opportunities for recreational activities, events, and social gatherings.