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Wilkinsburg Train Station

February 27, 2024 • By AI Inc.

All aboard! Here at Allegheny Installations we have been busy on an adventure. Our latest venture had us involved in a 100 year old terrazzo floor. After years of neglect, the terrazzo floors were able to be restored and look almost as good as new. When we tell you terrazzo is the 100 year floor, we aren't kidding.

Impressive craftmanship is evident with this monolithic terrazzo floor. The original two-color pattern is divided by mosaic tile only. There are no metal strips within this entire floor. We installed tile and replaced them where needed. We grouted the mosaic with clear resin and polished the new tile.

The overall floor was patched and cracks were repaired. We ground, grouted and polished the entire area.

The entire process turned out to exceed everyone's expectations.

McLaughlin and Cornelius

General Contractor:
Sota Construction Services, Inc.

Terrazzo & Marble Supply